Increase Fat Burning, without Reducing Calories

Burn Fat
Here are 3 well thought out strategies for revving up metabolism.

The net effect is, more weight lost for the same number of calories.

Check out Dr Mark Hyman’s video fro the full scoop. He is right up there in my list of Youtube favorites.

Simple Steps to Burn Fat
without Eating Less

3 Tips to Boost Metabolism

  • Meal timing and meal frequency
  • The role of protein
  • Catechins in Green Tea

Eat smaller more frequent meals throughout the day. When you don’t eat, metabolism slows.

Eating more high quality protein is a good thing.  This does not mean unlimited bacon and cheese. Don’t forget the healthy carbs. It is good to have a broad range of nutrition.

Green tea has been in the health news for a while. It is a much better way to get your caffeine than coffee or cola.



  • Boost energy
  • Enhance mood
  • Control appetite

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