How to Build Strength with Exercise Bands

Strength and FitnessA truly unique workout philosophy.

22 minutes, 2X per week.

Build strength with slow movements.

How to Build Strength
with Exercise Bands #438

The trick here is to do 1 set to muscular failure per exercise.

Works slow and fast twitch muscle fibers.

This workout uses exercise bands, so it’s easy to do almost anywhere, home, the park, a hotel room, or wherever it suits you best.

The slow movement fatigues the muscle, yielding a great strength training routine. Even better, it greatly reduces the chance of injury.

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Be sure to allow plenty of rest in between strength training days. The muscles grow while resting. That is why he recommends 2x per week. allow 2-4 days of rest in between. In the meantime you could do yoga, aerobics or some other type of exercises if you like.

He demonstrates a few different exercises in this video.

  • Basic shoulder exercise
  • Triceps move
  • Chest exercise

There are plenty of places to learn exercise band moves. the key here is the the slow movement going until the muscles are completely fatigued  in one set.

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