9 Things Healthy People Want for Christmas

PostureThese are not selfish requests.

Things that would help the world be a healthier place.

How about better organic food choices at the grocery store?

The 9 Things We Want For Christmas #468

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Here are the 9 things any health conscious person would love to see:

  • Healthier options in the supermarket without having to travel to the health food store
  • Influential politician that loves health food
  • Government subsidized kale
  • Live video feeds of animal slaughter houses
  • A greenhouse and a goat
  • Organic foodstand at the airport, or ball game, concert hall etc
  • Magic serum that makes friends and relatives crave healthy foods
  • A vita-mix for every household
  • A dollar for every time someone asks for natural health advice and does not act on it

Love to hear your ideas in the comment box below.

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