Qi Gong Flow For Beginners

Qigong flowQigong is a wonderful stress reducing and energy enhancing exercise.

Qigong is like meditation in motion. It is a slow gentle movement with a focus on breathing.

A great way to release tension and loosen up tight muscles.

Qi Gong Flow For Beginners

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People that find it difficult to sit still while meditating may find Qigong helpful. The mind is focused, like in meditation, but the body is moving.

Qigong is based on Chinese medicine principles. It helps to build chi, or lifeforce energy in the body. It works in conjunction with the meridian systems in the human body.

Qigong is described as the art of effortless flow, cultivating internal power, by mirroring the movements of nature. As you practice, allow your body to be flexible and  fluid like water.

So take a few minutes and practice these simple Qigong moves in this video. I really enjoy practicing a few minutes of Qigong each day. There are a variety of videos available to delve further into this Chinese energy building system.

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If you have experience with Qigong, we would love to hear your comments below. Thanks for reading and watching!

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