Heart Meditation; Love, Compassion, and Relationships

Heart MeditationHere is a short meditation for enhancing the energy in your heart.

This simple meditation can help to build love and compassion in your heart.

It may also improve relationships in your life with all the people you come in contact with and even those you have yet to meet. Please enjoy this peaceful 3 minute heart chakra mediation.

Heart Meditation

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2013-08-23 14.51.34Chakras are the “Energy Centers” in the body. Each chakra has an associated color and musical pitch. There are also certain qualities related to each chakra.The heart chakra is in the middle of the 7 chakras. It helps to connect with harmony, peace and boundless love.

Heart ChakraThe color for the heart chakra is green. When you do this heart meditation, try to visualize spring green energy in your chest. This will help to enhance the power of the meditation.

The image on the right shows the location and color of the heart chakra.

The musical pitch of the note F is being played in the meditation video. If you like you could hum, or om along with this sound as you meditate.

Practice this little meditation each day, preferably in the morning, but anytime of day is fine.

Sit or lie down where your spine can be straight. It is important not to be slouched. This allows good energy flow up and down the spine. Close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply.


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